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Get to know Heidi

Photo by JT Anderson

Heidi Grandberry was brought into this world against her will. Her childhood was spent in the Midwest where she became fluent in the language of Passive Aggression. Her comedy is dark while simultaneously engaging and thoughtful. Heidi has been active on the New York comedy scene for three years. Her first year, she began producing highly anticipated and well-attended shows such as Cat in the Furnace, Heidi's HaHa Halloween, Valentine's Hangover, and the Roast of Congressional Candidate Alex Hubbard.  In her second year, Heidi participated the Connecticut Comedy Contest. Though she did not win, she still left a lasting impression on the judges (there was a joke about Heidi's mom's pussy. It was kind of impossible to forget) which led to her immediately getting passed at one of New York's staple comedy clubs: Stand Up New York. In this third year, audiences can look forward to  seeing Heidi live as she plans a comedy tour.  Heidi is working hard to build her audience in places as far as Rhode Island.

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